Is a motel better than an Inn? A Detailed Comparison

On 24 Apr 24

Accommodation is a critical decision whilst making plans for your next journey. Motels and inns provide an extraordinary revel in, but which suits your needs? Let’s dig deeper into the information and see if the motel dominates the inns, or vice versa.


What is a motel?


The term motel is short for motel hotel. A motel is designed by keeping the desires of tourists in mind. Motels located along main roads or highways usually cater to tourists looking for a place to rest during the journey. These places usually have rooms with exterior doors, and guests can park directly in front of their accommodations for convenience.


Highlights of the motels:


1. Drive-thru: Motels allow guests to park near their rooms for easy and smooth loading and unloading.

2. Best for road trips: Motels are a popular destination for road trips, providing a convenient place to rest and recuperate during long trips

3. Safety and Security: Motels typically prioritise the safety and comfort of guests, where well-lit parking areas are available along with security cameras and rooms with secure locks to give you peace of mind during your stay.

4. Basic infrastructure: Motels typically provide basic services including beds, private toilets, and also are more affordable which makes it a great place for accommodation while travelling.


What is an Inn?


Inns tend to evoke a sense of charm and class. Inns are generally located in scenic or historic places, which gives a great view to guests. Inns offer an intimate and personal setting, catering to guests looking for a comfortable place to stay along with the professional service. They are distinguished by the luxury of in-room hotels and the warm hospitality they offer.


Highlights of the Inns:


Elegant atmosphere: Inns maintain comfortable and welcoming surroundings, with vintage furnishings, cosy fireplaces, and amenities which makes the Inns seem more decorated.

Location and Access: One of the key issues is location. The motels are usually located along highways, making it easy for travellers to travel effortlessly. Inns, by contrast, are located in scenic locations, providing a pleasant atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle.

Room & Furniture: In terms of furnishings, motels usually offer basic services including bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette. Inns, by comparison, is known for its stunningly decorated rooms, providing a homely experience.

Services: Motels offer amenities such as parking, Wi-Fi and 24-hour reception. Inns, on the other hand, boast personal amenities like hearty breakfasts, afternoon tea, concierge assistance, adding a bit of luxury to your stay along with other amenities like Wi-Fi & private parking

Prices: Guests tend to rely on motels for their affordable rates, making them a good option for short-term stays. In contrast, Inns are more expensive but offer excellent value for money through add-ons and personal service.

Privacy and Environment: If privacy is paramount, inns offer a more secluded experience. Motels may accommodate communal living, allowing guests to socialise in shared spaces such as dining rooms or gardens.

Overall Experience: Ultimately, choosing between motels and inns depends on your preferences and travel plans. A motel can be ideal if you prioritise convenience, affordability and modern amenities. However, if you’re looking for a luxurious getaway with personalised service and a luxurious atmosphere, the Inns can provide a memorable experience.




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