Enjoy & Stay in peace - The health of our guests is our top priority.

On 27 May 22

The Regal Residency Hotel, Auckland's best hotel, has been keeping a close eye on the newest developments in the Covid-19 epidemic that has swept the globe since day one. Since its beginning, the hotel has made every effort to ensure that our hotels maintain the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness to protect our guests and staff's health and safety. As the Hotel Regal Residency is located in St. Heliers, Auckland, directly across from Apirana Reserve it’s a very convenient stay facility with 16 suites on the property. With the guest flow increasing with the season now, we are taking at most care to keep the facility COVID safe by following WHO and local health guidelines.

 The hotel has taken all necessary actions in terms of the current situation, including examining all conceivable eventualities at the highest level, as ordered by the World Health Organization and the local and national authority guidelines. The whole crew at the Regal Residency, Auckland's best hotel, is brought up to speed on the stringent hygiene regulations they must adhere to, both for their health and the public's safety.

Precautional regimen 

• Throughout the hotel, professionally trained employees disinfect common spaces such as lobbies, elevators, restrooms, and all employee/guest rooms on a regular and growing basis.

• Antibacterial hand sanitizers for both employees and guests have been made more easily available in common areas.

• Hotel Regal Residency, Auckland's best hotel, will continue to take all steps recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health to create a safe and healthy environment.

• In the kitchens, all necessary precautions have been taken to maintain the highest standards of hygiene for the hotel's food and beverage services, as well as to protect the health of the kitchen staff.

• The hotel has also taken steps to ensure that only healthy staff are on duty, and their health is monitored while they are on the job. Employees who fall unwell will be required to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

• In addition, personnel returning from impacted regions are provided a 14-day leave of absence to undertake self-quarantine as advised by the local health authority.


Food safety regulations, as well as table service practices, have been enhanced. Menus now include individually plated and packed lunches.

  • Environmental disinfection is performed regularly in public spaces (lobbies, restaurants, elevator control panels, and other public facilities), as well as all entry mats and workstations.
  • Tables have been moved to offer more space and to minimize close contact in the open restaurants and bars in Auckland's best hotel. All guests and colleagues will get temperature checks.
  • Hand sanitizing gel and other hygiene items are provided at Reception and throughout the public spaces.
  • Equipment is cleaned and sanitized regularly in all eateries.
  • All colleagues must wear masks while on duty.
  • Maintain good personal and environmental hygiene at all times by promoting the hygiene practices of your co-workers.




The health and safety of visitors and associates are top considerations, and guests' participation is much appreciated. To guarantee safety and health, the hotel advises guests to maintain great cleanliness.

The management of the Regal Residency thinks that, as a consequence of the actions taken and the early intervention mechanisms in place, India will emerge from this tough situation with the best possible outcome.

We will be delighted to welcome you to Hotel Regal Residency, best hotel in Auckland, with the same degree of hospitality and care that we have provided to all of our visitors from our inception. Therefore choose hotel Regal residency for your upcoming trip to Auckland, New Zealand and enjoy & stay in peace - the health of our guests is our top priority.